Top 10 vastu tips for your home

Vastu shastra, also known as the “science of buildings”, is a traditional Hindu system of architecture. It’s followed in order to attract positive energy into your living space. Although following each and every vastu rule is not always possible, there are still a few
basic ones that you can follow.
1. There should be a prayer room in every house. North East, is touted to be the most auspicious direction and hence it’s advisable to face that direction while praying.
2. The position of the main door: It is an important element in Vastu. The main door should always open to the inside, so that the energy remains inside.
3. Never sleep under a beam running inside your room wall, as it can affect your health negatively.
4. The ceiling of a room should never have five corners. Just in case it does, you can counter its negative effects by placing bamboo flutes or small pyramids.
5. Images which depict violence should not be placed at homes. They attract negativity, which can hamper the wealth and prosperity of your house.
6.The centre of the house should always be a free area as closed and crowded spaces restrict the flow of free energy.
7. One should always sleep placing his head towards the south.
8. Placing a red lamp in the south direction can bring fame and success.
9. The main door should never be painted black.
10. Hanging objects like wind chimes, at the entrance of your home, can bring positivity
and wealth.