Mr. Mansuk Patel

Mansuk M Patel – Mr. Mansuk is a commerce graduate, he completed his B.com from Bengaluru. Directly after completing his graduation he entered the traditional family business of timber. He realized that a lot more could be done for providing the best to buyers hence he started exploring new verticals such as home interior, hardware fittings and a lot more. Resulting in him procuring material from different continents and providing the best finished products that the home interior industry would require he was operating different ports across india for import of best quality material.
In the due course of providing the materials to the big names in the real estate industry he realized the buyer of these wasn’t getting value for money which he felt was the need of the hour. Hence started exploring more and developed a huge land bank across the look and through in Bengaluru along with his professional associates and the saga of providing the best begun.

He is the person behind all the research and development work that goes on in Mangalam his vision and in depth knowledge about things helps us adapt to the fast moving technological changes and his experience helps us make the best out of it. The pan India network of Mr. Mansuk helps our team procure the best of the materials and products that would be most beneficial to make our work more future ready and optimal. His never give up attitude always keeps our team and our employees in the best space of mind and motivated which helps us achieve the best we can!

He is a graduate in civil engineering from Bangalore University. Soon after completing his graduation he joined the parent company as a technical director and taking it to great heights. He is successfully completed over 2 million sq. ft. of Built-up area. He plays a big role in the execution of all our projects his valuable and precise inputs take our projects to a whole new level. He adds more innovation to the company by following the technologies relating to construction and updating the company as required. His timely guidance helps our technical team to think in a structured manner and helps them grow in their careers as well!!

Mr. G Anand

Mrs. G Aruna Reddy

She is an Architect by profession. She has a plethora of knowledge and experience in the field of design and architecture. After her higher studies, Ms. Aruna went on to work with the Vishwanath and associates as a head architect for many of its renowned projects ranging from villas, townships, high rise buildings, software parks. After gaining experience in the industry. she further joined our parent company and developed it to make it reach to another level. She was instrumental in the designing and structuring our project Mangalam Ecstasy and giving it a unique design. Her broad mindset always keeps our administrative staff in a good space of mind which helps us get the best out of everyone. Her creativity has helped us reach new levels of imagination.